About us

We are convinced that the impossible is possible through collaboration and trust in everything we do. We invite you to get to know us more closely.

Who we are?

We intend to unite our humanistic spirit and our knowledge in technology to position ourselves as an agent of change. Collaborating in a world of exponential and radical changes, which are deepening even more with the current pandemic, requires new, bold and innovative models. We create 360 ​​° solutions for organizations in multiple industries, medium and large.
From our beginnings we eradicated the term competence from our dictionary. Instead, we like to talk about “coopetience.” Because we are convinced that through cooperation and collaboration we are capable of promoting collective growth. We understand that synergy is the word that best defines our way of being.
Focused on people, in the last 10 years, we have incubated several companies under the Pyxis umbrella. Today the ecosystem is made up of 10 business units and more than 300 collaborators distributed in the six headquarters of the continent.

Our Culture

In 2009 we founded Pyxis convinced that it was possible to make 1+1>2 a reality. How? Through collaboration and synergy, which allow us to maximize collective growth. This culture is also the base behind closed doors, both among our work teams and to promote the incubation of small companies with high added value that share our work culture.

Behind closed doors, we care deeply about the work culture based on respect for the other, empathy, transparency, freedom, creativity, proactivity and trust. It is what we call Enjoyable Professional Work, the backbone of the Pyxian culture. Our goal: to enable and promote the growth of each Pyxian, both professionally and humanly. Making each one truly a part of collective achievement.

To take care of our culture, we analyze business possibilities that are appropriate to the abilities, skills and motivation of our work team.

Pyxian traditions

From the south
From the south

In Latin, Pyxis means compass. This instrument to find the best path defines us from day one.

Pyxis Open Tech...
Pyxis Open Tech...

Every year, we co host a whole Saturday of sharing knowledge. Among all, we choose the 16 final talks.

Service Vocation
Service Vocation

A lot of our teams work from clients. They are a fundamental aspect of our ideology and course of action.

Musical traditions
Musical traditions

Our Infra DevOps: the team in charge of musicalizing every Pyxis event, karaoke and artistic make up included!

Agile from ADN
Agile from ADN

Not working for the client, but with the client. We are passionate about agile methodologies focusing on Scrum.

Co- creation space
Co- creation space

The Open Space Pyxi’s event by excellence. A semester space of exchange where we can all re-think Pyxis.


TGI Fridays

Ana Guzman
Director of Digital Marketing

Pyxis has been instrumental in our success for all our CRM initiatives. From powering clean data to enabling functionality, I can say that all our current CRM capabilities are possible because of our partnership with the Pyxis team


Mifleh Ahmad Amer
Director of marketing services and digital projects at Alicorp

Pyxis always demonstrates quality, creativity and empathy in addition to fulfilling all its commitments. With Diariamente Ali, we really managed to bring our brands closer to our consumers. We see Pyxis as an ally in our digital transformation processes.


Carlos Flores Ceballos
Chief Innovation Officer at Nadro

With Pyxis, we have a real partner, because we can trust that the proposal will be focused in your necessities, but in a confident relationship, and they never forget the full picture. The knowledge and honesty in the daily relationship, is unbeatable