Pyxis for humans

Pyxis for Humans stems from the deep humanistic spirit of Pyxis. Take advantage of experience and knowledge in technology and develop synergies with psychology, neuroscience, communication and sociology. The objective: to promote human and social well-being.

Works on 3 lines:

  • Study and take care of the impact of ICTs on society. Works on the ethics of what we do
  • It promotes enterprises that apply ICTs to human and social well-being. Collaborates with purposeful and social entrepreneurship.
  • It contributes to harmony and human and social well-being and to generate synergies with people and organizations



It is a new group of people and organizations close to Pyxis that seeks to promote positive synergies with social impact. It is proposed to work on 3 thematic axes: education, human well-being and neuroscience.

Enlace Solidario

Software development initiative with social impact in the context of Covid 19. This is a Pyxis chatBot connects people seeking help with institutions that provide assistance, with a special focus on counseling. It was launched through the WhatsApp of Telenoche 4 a month after the Covid arrived in Uruguay.

Alliance with Edhuca

The Casagrande School of Human Development (Edhuca) was born in 2016 and has its antecedent ten years ago with Casagrande. It is a space that proposes, supports and accompanies personal and professional training activities designed for learning, experience and awareness of being.

The alliance with Edhuca allows us to explore activities and solutions of various kinds, such as Solidarity Link, training in Neurolinguistic Programming and Dance Meditation.

We invite you to learn more about our initiatives:

Enlace solidario: el chatbot que ayuda en tiempos de cuarentena

Nueva iniciativa de desarrollo de software con impacto social en el contexto del Covid 19.El chatBot de Pyxis conecta a personas que buscan ayuda con instituciones que dan asistencia.   El Covid 19 impacta de múltiples formas en la [...]

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(Español) Te invitamos a participar de la experiencia Dance Meditation

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Pyxis y EDHUCA te invitan a participar de una [...]

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ANIMIN, the virtual assistant developed by PYXIS for ÁNIMA.

Meet Animín, a chatbot developed by our team to guide students through the registration process for the ÁNIMA Technological High School. As a company with number of educational programs, we are happy to contribute to this process, which was [...]

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