Our ecosystem

We removed the term “competition” from our vocabulary. Instead, we focus on “competency”. We highly promote collaboration, alliances and synergy.


Focusing on synergy, we developed an ecosystem of more than 10 business units and 300 members. We expanded in Latin and North America and and now offices in Montevideo (headquarters), Medellín, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Mexico City and New York City.

E- commerce and marketing development. Highly trained multidisciplinary teams. Agile methodologies.

On premise platforms and Cloud. SAP Technologies, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and VMWare and open source platforms. Promoters of DevOops culture.

Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, Computer Vision, Business Intelligence.

A startup created with the purpose of serving the Telcos business. We combine capacities in mobile technologies with artificial intelligence and big data.

Safety and operations to mitigate risks in a proactive and agile way. Solutions to enhance security processes, with a direct impact on operations.

BSS, OSS, SMS/MMSC messenger services, IVVR, Voicemail, Ring Black Tone, Localization and Roaming.

Conexio specializes in Web Content Management, focusing on Content, Commerce, Mobile, UX/UI and custom development.

Pyxis Alliance with AT, Nublit and Tero. The ecosystem allows us to cover the full range of Microsoft Corporate Solutions.

Software Boutique with 4 years of experience developing technology for the aerospace industry, including drone software, UTMs, image processing and HW integration.

We investigate, analyze and develop brands through a strong global communication work, marketing, and business logic.