Third Dance Meditation meeting

Pyxis Comunicación

Tuesday December 20th, 2022

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On January 5th, as a new year begins, Edhuca, Pyxis and Fibras invite you to co-create this space of celebration and intention in front of the sunset from Casagrande, with the help of renowned artists and meditation professionals.

The aim is to be grateful for the experience of connecting with the abundance that the universe offers through dance and meditation. In previous years, the Dance Meditation event was a revelatory experience of wellbeing, so this time they want to expand and enhance its effects from a broader place that opens the doors to anyone interested in this type of connection.

The music will be provided by Roque Bellini, a renowned Uruguayan musician, teacher and producer. Bellini performs, records, mixes and processes all instruments live in real time, generating a great symbiosis with the audience in a unique atmosphere. His training as a multi-instrumentalist and his permanent incursion into different musical styles and projects gave him the basis and tools to create a musical journey.


The event will be hosted by Klaudio Maturana and Juan Pablo Díaz Magariños.

Juan Pablo Díaz Magariños is co-founder and director of Edhuca, the first tertiary training institute in Human Development in Uruguay. He is also vice-president of Fibras,
founder and former president of the Gestalt Association of Uruguay, social educator trained in Brazil, Gestalt therapist, creator of alternative therapeutic methods in meditation for healing, meditation instructor and trainer. He trained in Chile and India at Oneness University. He is a specialist in clinical hypnosis at the Sharovsky Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Klaudio Maturana is a yoga teacher trained in India between 1998 and 2005 and founder of two yoga schools in Chile. He is also a columnist for Mas Vida magazine in Uruguay, where the mixture of Yoga and meditation, rest and contact with nature make a unique experience for the totality of the human being.

The venue

Casagrande will be this time the setting for Dance Meditation. It is a space with a unique environment founded for the attention and the integral development of people. At the end of the meditation, you will be able to visit the facilities and finish with a toast. The event can be followed online from anywhere in the world, since, as in previous years, it will be transmitted by streaming.

For more information contact Juan Pablo Díaz – 093 921 969 /


Pyxis Comunicación

Tuesday December 20th, 2022