Dronfies lands in Europe with new airspace management projects

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Thursday August 18th, 2022

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Dronfies is one of the most successful drone technology companies in Latin America, with 5 years of experience working in the development of software and technology for drones.   

It is dedicated to low-altitude airspace management, providing safe and legal access to enable increasingly complex operations such as Dron-Delivery and Dron-Taxi.   

The company achieved its positioning in the region by making Uruguay the first country in Latin America to implement a drone technology system. Thus, it began its internationalization process, generating alliances, conversations, and demonstrations with Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil authorities.    

Sebastián Macías, co-founder and partner in the company, identified that the development of this type of technology was mainly in the United States and Europe. Therefore, “in September 2021, together with co-founder Matías Bentancur, they decided to take the project to the European continent”.   

They participated for the first time in the most important global event in air traffic management, both manned and unmanned: World ATM Congress.  

They launched a new low-altitude airspace management platform under the Cielum brand. Their main objective is to establish a physical presence in Spain to work on airspace access for drone operators, low-altitude airspace technology integrators, and drone fleet management.
Cielum by Dronfies provides customized UTM/U-space solutions, drone fleet control, and software and hardware development.  

Also, they reached an agreement with a Spanish aeronautical management company called net2fly, so successful that it is expected to manage 2,000 flight operations in Spain by next year, through its coordination with all the agencies required to authorize a flight.
“They are going to use our platforms for the processing of all their operations from August 2022,” added the company’s co-founder.  

At the same time, another project was closed with FlySafeGO, which also sells compulsory third-party insurance.   

In terms of institutional agreements, Dronfies partnered with the Technological Institute of Navarra, where they will also deploy the solution offered by Cielum in some cities of this region.   

Furthermore alongside the Polytechnic University of Valencia are looking to join “You Welcome? A project financed by European funds of 4.5 million euros, which will be invested in adapting and building this technology. 

For Sebastián Macías, the positioning of Dronfies, and now of Cielum, constitutes a fundamental contribution: “Beyond the optimization of several industrial processes, this technology will play an important role in the collection of data for environmental management, and will bring critical medical supplies and basic necessities to people living in communities that are difficult to access. Finally, cities will also change, especially those with heavy traffic, where Drone Delivery and Drone Taxi will make logistics more efficient”.  

Pyxis Comunicación

Thursday August 18th, 2022