Pyxis has joined the United Nations Global Compact in Uruguay

Pyxis Comunicación

Thursday January 6th, 2022


In a letter sent and approved by the international organization, Pyxis assumed the commitment to be a part of the Board of Directors of this joint initiative between the private sector and the UN Headquarters in our country.

Last November 12 was the first meeting of the council. Analía Semblat, responsible for Sustainability Management, together with Diego Sastre, co-founder of the company, attended on behalf of Pyxis.

Analía said that the instance was a moment to get to know the other actors from the private sector in the pact, where its executive director, Paola Rapetti, and the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in Uruguay, Pablo Ruis Hiebra, were the hosts.

Pyxis has assumed the responsibility of integrating the directive and this means being part of the gears that move the platform. 21 of the 29 member companies of the pact participate in the board of directors, with the intention of “being able to be executive, create work groups, and direct the commitments that were assumed,” says Analía.

At the meeting, the UN representatives shared the value proposition of the Global Compact and the strategy that will begin to be implemented in 2022.

Global Compact Charter

What is the Global Compact? It is a UN instrument that interacts with the private sphere in order to meet the 17 goals for sustainable global development. It was announced by Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN at the World Economic Forum in 1999. After the organization grouped the problems and objectives that the global community must face, it sought mechanisms to integrate the private sector and generate a fundamental synergy to comply with the objectives.

Business Sustainability

Analía says that Pyxis is “analyzing how to appropriate the concept of a sustainable company” since it is a new market for the technology sector, from which there is “a lot to learn” and being able to do it in the orbit of the UN “is very important”.

For Pyxis, being part of the Global Compact means having access to a global network of knowledge, information, measurement tools, and global training, as assistants and collaborators. In addition, it implies knowing the new initiatives that arise in the UN, and the pacts of other countries with hands down experience in this path towards sustainability.

Another transcendent factor is that the pact gives members the possibility of being involved in the country dialogue, having a voice on the strategies that can encourage local companies to have a positive impact on society, and being aware of financing programs. that promote public-private transformations.

A few days ago, the UN responded to the letter sent, confirming Pyxis as a member of the pact. Analía said that the company is “committed to describing the practices it carries out to meet development objectives, measure them and also count them, being transparent in the process”.

The Next

After a feasibility study, the Global Compact proposal in our country took three of the ten principles: Human and Labor Rights, Environment, and Anti-corruption.

For the coming year “we will work together to co-build value, focusing on key areas such as gender equality, decent and quality work, productive value chains, climate change, and transparency,” Analía concluded. She added that these leverage points “can be strengthened by integrating the technological perspective, sustainable finance, and working in alliances that allow progress on all these issues.”

At the beginning of next year, the Global Compact will have the election of its authorities, the Global Compact Foundation will be launched, and operational Voluntary Commissions will be created that will address issues such as programs and alliances, communications, fundraising, governance, and reports.


Pyxis Comunicación

Thursday January 6th, 2022