UN Migration invited us to participate in the dialogue table on talent attraction in Uruguay.

Pyxis Comunicación

Monday December 13th, 2021

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The webinar held on November 24 was organized by UN Migration, in collaboration with the United Nations, the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the United Nations Global Compact.

We were invited as partners of the UN Global Compact, and members of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (Cuti), to share the experience of how we assumed the commitment to take cultural diversity in the sector. We also talked about diversity as a fundamental input to generate more valuable and resilient teams, both at a professional and human level.

The talk was opened by Pablo Ruiz, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Uruguay, who pointed out the crucial importance of “looking at migration from the perspective of opportunity”, to help the country “in the discussion on a future with sustainable development”.

Regarding the role of the private sector in attracting foreign talent, he stated that our vision is a “reality check” for public agencies. He highlighted the instance as a fundamental space to “maximize the 4th industrial revolution” that comes hand in hand with new technologies.

We share the webinar with Abstracta, Globant, Danone and Sofis. The activity was closed by Fabio Bertranou, Director of the ILO Office for the Southern Cone of Latin America.

Pyxis Multicultural

Lucía Massa, responsible for Communication, and Analía Semblat, responsible for Sustainability Management, represented Pyxis. Lucía and Analía talked about the different experiences of the company regarding the integration of foreign talents. They emphasized that globalization, from the beginning, generated an exchange of experiences and capabilities, and enhanced the diversity of our ecosystem.

With more than 350 employees distributed among our 7 sites, we have been involved in the mobility of people for 12 years. Today, Pyxis is home to 17 different nationalities: Uruguayans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Argentines, Brazilians, Cubans, Americans, Armenians, Belgians, Peruvians, Chileans, Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Indians, Pakistanis, Taiwanese and Ukrainians.

Pyxis’ involvement with mobility was present from the very beginning and at all levels of the company. An engineer went to Mexico to further his musical career, one of the founders went with his whole family to Medellín when we opened our first office abroad and Guayoyo’s friends came from Venezuela to Uruguay and together we explored new business models.

These examples illustrate an idea that is in our pillars: in Pyxis we know that each member is unique and that is where the greatest value lies. The challenge is to learn that difference is a great opportunity for growth, that integrative approaches are based on co-construction, that they should not be exhausted in the conjuncture and that they are re-signified year after year, in Montevideo and in every city in the world where there is a Pyxian.

Migrations as processes

The final reflections of the debate pointed out that these instances of dialogue can be the genesis for new policies in a new logic of migration, coordinated by an international cooperation where public and private actors, civil organizations and academia generate a synergy that aligns priorities in search of a common good.

We should know that this strategic framework of international cooperation is highly fertile in Uruguay, where we have an economic sector that seeks to innovate permanently, an efficient state, public policies that support it and a society receptive to the arrival of new skilled human capital that can understand migration as a fundamental process for development.

Pyxis Comunicación

Monday December 13th, 2021