Pyxis Marketing Enabler: get your campaigns ready in 6 weeks

Pyxis Comunicación

Tuesday July 20th, 2021


Introducing Pyxis Marketing Enabler, a framework o SAP Marketing Cloud that allows a company to go from scratch to having marketing campaigns designed and ready to go in just 6 weeks.


After 4 years working with SAP Marketing Cloud, including LATAM’s first implementation and the first of eMail Marketing in the US, in Pyxis we have acquired valuable experience. Based on this know-how we wanted to challenge the normal market times, taking it from months to weeks.

How we do it?

Based on our experience and following some specific steps:

  • Definition of business cases

We accompany the client in the analysis of business cases to define together those that can achieve the greatest impact, recommending, based on our experience with the tool, the best strategy.

  • Data selection

Data is the foundation of the whole process, so we support the client in the analysis of which to import, both at entities level as their attributes.

  • Data Debugging (optional *)

Since much of the success of our campaign will depend on the quality of this data, if we detect that it’s not good, we will recommend a phase of debugging them.

  • Data Loading

After deciding which data to load, validating its quality and sources from which it can be obtained, the implementation really begins with the loading of this information, based on which the segmentations and the flow logic of the campaigns will be made.

  • Segmentation and target groups

Then we carry out the segmentations and create the target groups to which our campaigns will be directed. The expressive power of the SAP Marketing segmenter is very powerful and flexible, so the limit of the created segments will actually be determined by the data we have, which enhances the relevance of the previous phases.

  • Content design

What designs will the e-mails, forms, or messages that we want to send as part of our campaigns have? At this stage we rely on the content generation tool Content Studio from SAP Marketing to get everything ready to be distributed.

  • Campaign creation

Finally, we create the campaigns and their flow logic, which includes defining their output channels (eg eMail, SMS), and we leave them ready to run.

  • Campaign performance report

As part of the closing of the project, we show how to analyze the performance monitoring reports of the campaigns, essential for evaluating their effectiveness.

  • Production

The process ends with the production of the campaigns. We also leave a test environment ready, and the necessary roles and users.


Aditional services

Besides the 6-week marketing implementation, Pyxis offers a series of related services:

  • Discovering and planning

Based on the client’s target business scenarios, an action plan and a roadmap are specified in different phases, with a focus on return on investment and impact on the business.

  • Training and operation

We train the client’s technical and operational teams, teach them how to configure and use the platform, aligning the organization to the best practices in digital marketing. In case the client does not have the equipment to operate the platform, Pyxis can provide this service.

  • Evaluation and good practices

The functionalities that are currently used are analyzed and changes are proposed based on good technology and business practices. The functionalities plan is prioritized according to objectives and technical difficulty.

  • Quality and data integration

The quality of the data is key to the success of the campaigns. We have a unit specialized in data analysis to carry out the integration of different sources, unification and interpretation of unstructured data, and data quality and improvement.

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Pyxis Comunicación

Tuesday July 20th, 2021