IDATHA and Guayoyo join the Smart Talent webinar

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Tuesday June 23rd, 2020


Would you like to delve into the role of cybersecurity in digital transformation? Are you internalized in computer vision? Guayoyo and IDATHA addressed these issues in a webinar format for Smart Talent, an initiative with excellent repercussions in times of health emergency. We are very happy to be a part and continue to share knowledge with the community.

We spoke with Viviana Martínez, Smart Talent coordinator to learn more about this proposal and we invite them to review the editions in which the companies in our ecosystem participated.

Webinar, a rising tool to spread knowledge

Smart Talent emerged 5 years ago with the vocation of contributing to the development of global services in Uruguay, making the sector known, facilitating entry into the world of work for interested people and cooperating with companies established in the country in accessing talent.

“In 2019 we began to delve into new activities such as webinars to facilitate access to more people and develop different topics with the main strategic allies. Thus we began timidly with some webinars that were quickly very well received by the Smart Talent community and from those first experiences we decided that in 2020 they would be one of the main activities to develop ”, Viviana tells us.

At that time, at the beginning of the year, they were not so clear that webinars would be the only activity they were in a position to carry out in the face of the health emergency. Thus, they quickly began to work on convening different allies to design a webinar agenda that would allow them to add value to the community in an unfavorable context. The result was more than positive.

“With Idatha and Guayoyo, we achieved very good receptivity in the community and at the same time we approached topics that can be dense due to their content, in an entertaining and practical way. That is why we love to carry out these actions, since companies share their knowledge and we help each other to spread the importance of some areas of training for the jobs most required today, because it is no longer the future, it is today ”, he values Viviana.

The role of cybersecurity in digital transformation

Edgar Salazar, cybersecurity specialist of the Guayoyo team explained the role that cybersecurity plays in the current digital transformation, how to protect our data and that of the organization.

Introduction to Computer Vision Workshop

Rodrigo Laguna, a specialist in machine learning from the IDATHA team, gave a theoretical and practical workshop. Here is an exercise to develop the model that identifies the use of masks:

To learn more details about the practice, you can access the following video:

For Viviana Martínez, the first thing that became clear is that there is a great need to access information and new knowledge, but that the format also allows people who may not have that training or experience to enter quickly, and in a relaxed environment allows them to understand the scope and development possibilities in these areas. “The invitation now is to continue building community together,” he concludes.

To follow the next meetings, you can visit Smart Talent here (

Pyxis Comunicación

Tuesday June 23rd, 2020