Pyxis welcomes Dronfies Labs

Dronfies Labs is the first DJI drone control platform, allowing the pilots to instantly send generated content. We talked to Sebastián Macías, founder and CEO of the company, which is now part of our ecosystem.

How did Dronfies Labs started?

“It all goes back to a thesis project. While searching for emerging technologies, we decided to focus on drones. Back then, they had a lot of potential. Our app is our company’s core, its essence. We started conceiving it during 2016, and the next year we were already working”, tells Sebastián.

“The app reflects a lot of our philosophy, which consists on making drones more available for everyone. We want them to be useful and accessible, ready for everyday use”.

How did the opportunity to work with Pyxis pop up?

“It’s actually a curious anecdote. During the Cuti mission to China in 2018, I was sitting on a bus next to someone who turned out to be Diego Sastre. We immediately connected and discussed about our personal points of view in a lot of subjects, technologies and the future for companies. Later on, the idea to work together here was more concrete”.

What implies for you guys being able to work with Pyxis?

“First of all, it is really nice. We really enjoy being here”, says Sebastián. “I also come from a very nice place, it’s all about different stages. We (Dronfies Lab) are now in a transformation process. Mainly, switching from product to service and TI solutions and, in order to achieve that, we are looking for partners”, he adds. “With Pyxis, we felt we shared a lot of objectives and willingness to work together. Plus, we share something very important, which is the spiritual aspect and our work philosophy”.

Is this now Dronfies Lab’s focus? Switching from a product company to a service one?

“The app is a big part of the company, yes, but we are now focused on corporative solutions and TI services”, tells Sebastián, and he assures this is a time of content consolidation. “It is fascinating for us to exchange ideas with Pyxi’s engineers, like the people from Idatha, with whom we already planned a problem- solving workshop”.

What are the main tools Dronfies Labs works with?

“Anything that involves solutions for companies, focused on TI specialized services. We work with DJI technologies, which allows us to automatize flights, process images automatically and designing aeronautical procedures, among others”.

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