From the private sector, we want to create contact points between two areas that need to be fed back to strengthen the whole IT industry.

A space to transit next to the universities and formation centers

The Relationship between the Academy and the private sector is stronger everyday in a global level. Meanwhile, in Uruguay, La relación entre la academia y el sector privado es cada vez más fuerte a nivel global. Mientras, en Uruguay, its a road which haven’t seen much traffic.

One of the motivations of Pyxis Research is to build a space to transit with universities and formation centers. A space where to share interests, visions, needs, and contact points between two areas that need to feed each other back.

Because of that, we initiate a new working process dedicated to research in its most pure form, incorporating specialists in specific areas that can lead the research center and strengthen the bond between Pyxis and The Academy. We want to contribute to collective growth and for our Research Center to have an active role in publications of reference.

In Pyxis, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to be one step ahead, That is one of the starting points of Pyxis Research. More than a Research Center dedicated to the innovation of products, it will be a place destined to research focused on generating knowledge. In this way, we look forward to be capable of generating high impact innovation.