Professional Work

We wanted to start a company to which we would look forward to go to work each day. And where each new member would feel the same way.

Our goal: to enable and promote the growth of each Pyxian, in both professional and human levels. And Making each and everyone feel part of the collective achievements.
Respect for one another, teamwork, sincerity, transparency, flexibility, and proactivity. That philosophy is the foundation. Over which we build our work.
Since our beginnings, we outlined a management style based on cooperation and teamwork, Over that which generate conflicts and internal competition.
We found motivation in a job well done and in tasks that challenge our knowledge and invite us improve. Therefore, we constantly engage with the most challenging technologies.
To look after our culture, we analyze business opportunities that are appropriate to the number, training and motivation of our team.
The most important goal for pyxis is the professional and personal development of it members. Teamwork and respect are the foundation of our culture.
In this sense, we outlined a tailored and self managed professional development plan. The objective is for the team members to trace their own objectives and goals. For that, we created Trackee. A professional development management software designed by Pyxis where each team member can plan future objectives and goals, with a system of mentors and validators that will help the members fulfill the plan.
In Pyxis, we consider these inputs to develop trading strategies which follow professional preferences and personal perspectives of the team.
In our recent working environment survey we confirmed our idea:
96% of pyxians would recommend a friend to work At Pyxis.
96% of the members value Pyxis' culture and that them feel satisfied with their work.
98% feels committed to achieving the goals.