Always exceed the expectations of those who trust in our services. Understanding our clients as partners. The vocation of service is the foundation of our work.

We do not want to develop the most innovative product and focus our company on profitability.
We are not interested in adding one customer after the other.
Yes, our goal is clear: always exceed the expectations of those who hire us and to build long term relationships.

How do we do it?

By listening to the specific needs of every new clients, dedicating time and comprehension to set ourselves into their own shoes. This is the tool to develop personalized solutions and to respond to each client's needs.

The objective: Help companies that trust us to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

We bet on continuous improvement, permanent growth and we do not keep ourselves in our comfort zone: we challenge ourselves a bit more each day.

Hence, we decided to call our clients, Partners.

As a result, in only four years, Pyxis has develop an ecosystem of more than 15 companies with over 100 professionals.
Today we service top level companies and institutions in Uruguay, the rest of Latin America and the United States. And 50% of our revenues come from export services.