We promote flexible work teams, prepared to respond to changes and modifications which may result in the implementation of projects.

Ready for the next change

Flexibility to changes which may arise in the implementation of any project. Continuous quality improvement. Relationship of mutual trust with the customer. These are the starting points of Agile work methodologies. We invite our customers to work with these technologies focused on Scrum.

From the starting point, we encourage in this way a transparent and everyday bond with our customers, not taking into account the fine print on the contract.

How are objectives achieved?

Prioritizing interactions between people over the rigid work processes and schemes. Promoting flexible work teams, prepared to respond to changes and modifications which arise from implementing new projects.

This way, they are capable of going back to the drawing board on primary objectives at any given time during the process

By this a few agile principles are established:

1. Frequent partial deliveries to the customer and getting feedback, from the beginning, to their problems and assurance of a rapid response in return. Also, in this way, avoiding communication mistakes during the process.

2. Accept that projects evolve and that their implementation may involve changed from the initial plan.

3. Do not work for the customer, work with the customer.

4. Fully trust the team and arrangement of self-organized work groups. Stimulate reflection and team analysis to promote continuous improvement in quality.