The relationship with Aqua is the paradigm of our alliances scheme and our commits to synergy.Today, we are partners in both enterprises. Aqua and Pyxis make up the Pyxisportal ecosystem.

Aqua is Pyxis software factory boutique.

What do we do at Aqua?

We build quality software using cutting edge technologies in agile work schemes that prioritize partial delivery of value and encourage teamwork.

This allows us to build long-term projects, which can be tested at early stages in an everyday relationship between our team and the client. Based on trust, proactivity and commitment.

The relationship with Aqua is the paradigm of our scheme of alliances and synergy. Pyxis began hiring Aqua for punctual services until we realized that we shared the same values, culture and working model. 

Professional challenges motivate us to promote enjoyable work environments, focusing on collaboration, respect for each member and flexibility.

Today, we are partners in both ventures. Aqua and Pyxis Pyxisportal part of the ecosystem.

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